Music videos

Annalogatta – Elephantasian 

Annalogatta was a music project by Lennaert with it’s roots in the old P-Funk tradition.  Elephantasian was a song strongly inspired on the Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake. The video was shot in the beautiful dunes of Wassenaar/The Hague, directed and shot by Auke Hamers.

Featuring Evelien Bloemendaal

Music by Lennaert Koorman

Conga’s by Celina Schrotz

Video by Auke Hamers


Bonzai – Dure Madam

Bonzai was an experimental music project by Lennaert & Hans Metzger. With styles varying from soul to reggae, from ballads to trip hop, from polka to rock.

They recorded almost a hundred songs together, sung in the Dutch language. The best 30 songs were put on the first Bonzai album.

Music by  Hans Metzger & Lennaert Koorman 

Words by Hans Metzger

Video by Lennaert Koorman


Bonzai – Groeten Lui

Is a old skool stop motion video made with toys and fantasy by Almer Meerhof. He took 2480 photo’s for this little tale to start moving.

Music by: Lennaert Koorman & Hans Metzger

Video Animation by: Almer Meerhof