Painting videos

Monkidoe paints four big portraits of children and grown ups living at Bellamystreet, Rotterdam in the summer of 2012. The portraits were painted with Liquitex Spray Paint and Soft Body directly on a metal transformerstation while the whole square around it was being renovated into a ‘water-square’ with a buffer function: Rotterdam is about seven meters under sea level.

Artwork: Monkidoe: Robert Rost & Lennaert Koorman
Production: Monkidoe
Camera and color grading: Auke Hamers
Montage: Lennaert Koorman
Assigned by: Opbouwwerk Delphi Rotterdam
Stedin & Eneco
Music: New Believers – Be Back Tonight.
featuring: Merel Sluman


We made a video on the new Liquitex Spray Paint. It’s the first Spray Paint ever without (6%) solvents, so no longer need for wearing a mask! Professional quality so you can mix it with their famous Soft Body and Heavy Body Paint. All Acrylics.

Artwork: Monkidoe: Robert Rost & Lennaert Koorman
Production: Monkidoe
Video: Lennaert Koorman
Painted after a photo by: Tymon Ferenc de Laat
Assigned by: Liquitex
Made for: Artist Outreach Program
Music by: Toque di Bla Bla, Lennaert Koorman & Rias Baarda
Music mastered by: Jasper Drexhage


Winsor & Newton asked us to make a video on one of their less known Oilcolours, the wonderful Artists’ Oilbar. Originally It’s an invention of the famous Pablo Picasso, who wanted an Oilcolour in the shape of a stick, so he could draw and paint on canvas directly, without the need of using of a brush. Ala prima painting is ideal with it.

Artwork by: Monkidoe: Robert Rost & Lennaert Koorman
Production: Monkidoe
Film by: Lennaert Koorman
Assigned by: Winsor & Newton
Music by Monsieur Dubois


This is a tutorial on how to strech your own canvas. It’s kind of a joke, since we copied the style of the old broadcast newsprograms from the fifties. It’s spoken in old-Dutch, and made look old. But the actual tutorial side of it is still valid and hopefully usefull to some.

Acteur: Robert Rost
Film: Lennaert Koorman
Voice Over: Egbert Bakker
Muziek: Scott Joplin
Piano: Celina Schrotz
Geluid: Lennaert Koorman