Feb 2014

Portrait of J.P. van Aalst


JP-van-Aalst-By-Lennaert-Koorman a


Feb 2014

Film premiere Mee boven de Wolken


On 9 Februari i did the premiere of my documentairy film in Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam. It was the second docu i’ve been working on, but the very first one i did by myself. So directing, photography/camera, sound recording, editing, some music and the sound post. Still i couldn’t have done it without the great help of Auke Hamers who did a wonderful job with the colourgrading, the titles and cave me some general advice.

The film shows the story of  the Dutch painter, poet, secluse and psychonaut J.P. van Aalst . I’ve been following him for about two years with the camera before i started to edit his story. The reactions of the audience was overwhelming and heartwarming. Also J.P. himself was very happy with the film. It was a very much fun project, but there’s an obvious reason why you don’t see people making movies on there own that much… It’s just too much work. Haha, i’ve learned that the hard way, but still i’m glad i did. Now let’s go back to painting!  

The film will be available to watch on this site in a little while. First i am gonna propose it to some Dutch filmfestivals. 


Mee boven de Wolken Premiere LV



26 Nov 2013

Portrait of Djura




1 Nov 2013

Another Portrait of Aimee Teegarden


Aimee is just fun to paint; so i started another portait of her at a clinic at Kunstacademie Leiden in May. Later this year i finished it in the studio. This one was made with Winsor & Newton Oilbars. It’s a bit less abstract than the spraypaint version…


7 Sept 2013

@ Street Live Rotterdam

Portrait of a girl



7 Sept 2013

‘Street Live’ Live Painting Rotterdam


September the 7th, i will join a crew of street artists in a Live Painting session just outside the Me Like Painting studio and the RR Gallery in the city centre of Rotterdam. Feel very welcome to come and take a look…


31 May 2013

Aimee Teegarden at Minerva Academy

Portrait of Amy Teegraden By Lennaert Koorman. 150 x100 cm Acrylics on Canvas. Made in a clinic at the Minerva Academy Groningen 2013.

I had a great time at the Minerva Academy in Groningen where i had the pleasure to do a Acrylic clinic. I used this opportunity to paint a portrait of Amy Teegarden.  All the present students grabbed a canvas and started painting as well. They were very enthusiastic and made some very nice paintings. I think we all had a very good day!


9 May 2013

“Eat Street Breathe Art” exhibition

This second edition of “EatStreetBreatheArt” 30 Dutch street related artists exhibited their work at the Timmerhuis 010 Rotterdam. Tymon of Me like Painting invited me back after the first Eat Street Breath Art a year before. It was a real honour for me to get a chance to show some of my work among some of the best Rotterdam street artists:

“EatStreetBreatheArt” is an initiative by MeLikePainting in association with Gallery RR, Lumick LED lightframes, Heijmans and Timmerhuis010.


24 May 2013

Another Girl with a Pearl at the Klassieke Academie

In the oilpaint clinic at the Klassieke Academie in Groningen i started a portrait in Oilbar of another ‘Girl with a Pearl’, after a photo made by Margaret Morskate, who modeled her photo after the famous painting by Vermeer, likewise. I really liked the photo and In the end the clair-obscure character of the image convinced me to use it. After the clinic i took the portrait back to my studio and finished it.

Margaret Morskate:

Meisje met de Parel  Margaret Morskate 1 web